Below are the typical steps in a software delivery process. Depending on the size of the project, these might vary.

Small project
2-4 weeks
Medium project
1-3 months
Large project
3-6 months

1. Inception 2 weeks

These are pre-sales activities.

Problem Discovery 4 hours

Our sales consultant carries a structured interview to better understand your problem. We assess the issue, try to understand the environment, etc.

Vision Alignment 1 week

We will help to define the best solution to your problem. Depending on the size and complexity of the problem, we might decide to carry a separate business analysis project first. We partner with external business analysts / consultants.

Solution Architecture 1-2 days

This task focuses on envisioning the initial architecture and outlining the architectural decisions that will guide development and testing. It relies on gathering experience gained in similar systems or problem domains to constrain and focus the architecture so that effort is not wasted in re-inventing architecture.

Effort Estimation 1 day

Our team of engineers breaks-down and estimates the amount of work needed to deliver the solution.

Proposal Presentation 1-4 hour

Our sales consultant will present you with our vision and pricing.

Contract Signing

2. Development 2-3 months

Elaboration 2-4 weeks

We setup up our development environments and get up to speed with the development.

  • Story mapping: features to user stories
  • Release planning: priorities and schedule
  • Development environment setup
  • Initial data model
  • User interface layouts

Construction 1-2 months

We develop product in 2 week iterations. At the end of each iteration, we do a demo and get the feedback.

  • Sprint planning meeting
  • The daily Scrum
  • Backlog estimation and prioritization
  • Development: specs, mockups, code, QA, UAT
  • Sprint review meeting
  • Sprint retrospective

Transition 2-4 weeks

We end the development and move the system into production.

  • User acceptance testing
  • Data migration
  • Deployment
  • User training
  • Transfer / acceptance of deliverables

3. Support ongoing

  • Signing service-level agreement
  • Discussing further vision
  • Setting-up monitoring system
  • Setting-up help desk

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